What our clients say about Contextor

Our clients share their feedback and explain the benefits of Contextor RPA: business processes are more efficient, IT is more agile, and employee save time to better serve customers.

Why choose Contextor?

Contextor solution has been designed not only to automate existing process as they are, but to really help digital transformation, by improving and enriching business processes. According to the feedback of our clients and partners who have evaluated many RPA solutions, the main points that differentiate Contextor from its competitors are:

  1. An enterprise tool that supports an industrial approach to process automation.
  2. The only RPA tool that works in a Citrix or RDP hybrid virtualization environment.
  3. Interacts with all of a workstation’s applications simultaneously.
  4. The top-performing RPA solution in terms of both response time and memory footprint.
  5. Full scalability and openness with JavaScript language.

More information about those key differenciating factors.

Testimonies and success stories

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