Desktop SDK reference guide

Project management

ctx.options Class to manage Project options and settings

Entities management

ctx.application Class to manage Application entities Class to manage Page entities
ctx.item Class to manage Item entities

Events / Scenarios / Steps management

ctx.event Class to manage technical or functional events
ctx.scenarioClass Class to manage Scenarios
ctx.scenarioManager class to store Scenarios
ctx.stepClass Class to manage Steps

Systray, Popup and AppBar management

ctx.systray Class to manage systray and menu-bar
ctx.popupClass Class used to implement popups objects
popup.template Templates reference for 'ctx.popup'
Properties reference Properties reference for 'ctx.popup'

Data management

ctx.dataManager Class to store free data in objects
ctx.registry Registry managementto remove ?
ctx.wscript.registry Registry management
ctx.context WorkManager Data Context management
ctx.xml XML parser library
ctx.json JSON parser library
ctx.cryptography Cryptography management
ctx.fso File System Object library

Error management

ctx.diagnostic Audit and diagnostic plugin

Network management

ctx.ajax Class for Web Service calls and remote file download
ctx.fso.ftp Class to access files through FTP sites

Clipboard management

ctx.clipboard Class for Clipboard management
ctx.smartClipboard Clipboard Popup management


ctx.language Language global functionsdispatch global methods in other classes ?
ctx.base64 Base 64 encoding/decoding library
ctx.labelManager Class to store multi-lingual labels in objects (applications, …)
ctx.string string library

Core functions

Class ctx Desktop SDK Frameworkdispatch global methods in other classes ?
ctx.resources Class for resource managementremove ?

Shell management Shell functions
ctx.wscript Methods to explore the registry, system variables, network, … (see Windows Script Host) Methods to access to the shared resources on the network to which your computer is connected (see WshNetwork Object)
ctx.wmi Windows Management Interface extension
ctx.wscript Windows Scripting extension

Functional extensions (SSO, ...)

ctx.sso Single Sign On plugin

Microsoft Office extensions

Excel Microsoft Office Excel library
Word Microsoft Office Word library
Outlook Microsoft Office Outlook library

Technology specific extensions

Siebel Siebel application plugin
SAP Scripting SAP scripting application plugin

Desktop Factory extensions

Galaxy WS Factory Web Service library
Galaxy Hub Factory Hub Library (M2M)

Other extensions

Desktop Unified Desktop plugin
Discovery Discovery plugin