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Main Steps in Creating a Workflow

Main Steps

The video below describes the main steps in creating a workflow :

  • 1 - Create a new workflow in the Workflow Perspective
  • 2 - Design the workflow in a FlowChart (… more)
    • Drag & drop pages
    • Drag & drop activities and edit their parameters
    • Use comment activity to describe functionalities which will be manually implemented in Javascript (for example, string manipulation)
    • Link these blocks together to describe the process
  • 3 - Set activities on a page (… more)
    • Double-click a page block to edit its activities
    • Add activities on items
    • Change activity parameters
    • Manage the context (… more)
  • 4 - Build the workflow
    • Check the validity of the workflow
    • Manage errors
    • Generate code (… more)

Watch the video here

Main Features of the Flowchart Designer and the PageActivities Designer

This video describes the main features provided by the Flowchart designer and the PageActivities designer:

Features of the Flowchart designer

  • Set links between flowchart blocks
  • Create sub-flowcharts
  • Zoom / Scroll / Resize
  • and more

Watch the video here

Features of the PageActivities Designer

  • Drag & drop an activity from the Activities window
  • Drag & drop a context item from the Context window
  • Drag & drop an item from the Page viewer
  • and more

Watch the video here

Edit Activity Parameters

The video below describes how to set activity parameters :

  • DisplayName
  • Item
  • Context
  • Expression
  • and so on

Watch the video here