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Managing Generated Code

Managing Generated Code

This video describes:

  • How the JavaScript code is generated from a workflow
  • How you can change the way this code is generated:
    • Change the way code is grouped in steps
    • Change the step name
    • Set blocks as scenario starter

Watch the video here

This video describes:

How you can navigate between the workflow and the code

  • Navigate from the workflow to the code
  • Navigate from the code to the workflow

How you can manually modify the generated code

  • You can freely modify the generated code
  • Workflow modifications are no longer generated until you set a merger tool

How you manage the merge between manual and generated code

  • Merge requires a third-party 3-way merger tool (KDiff3, BeyondCompare, …)
  • You set this merger tool configuration in Settings
  • Automatic merge is performed if possible, and manual merge is required otherwise
  • You can disable code generation by excluding a workflow

Using the WorkflowDesigner in an Existing Project

There are various ways in which the WorkflowDesigner can be used in an existing V3 project.

Use workflows to document existing scenarios

  • No automatic reverse engineering from existing code
  • Manually create workflows to document existing scenarios
  • Manually set links between your workflows and your existing code, by drag&drop from the Workflows window
  • Manage code generation:
    • a workflow with the same name as an existing script will not be generated
    • or Exclude workflows to avoid code generation
    • or Exclude generated scripts to copy code from generated scripts

Design your New Scenarios using WorkflowDesigner

  • Freely use WorkflowDesigner to design your new scenarios

Watch the video here