Status: Draft

Main steps in creating a UI


This video describes the different steps for creating a User Interface.

It can be a simple popup, to validate a data or display a message.

It can also be a complete and complex window, presenting a set of information from other applications.

To begin with the popup

A right clic on the left zone allows to create a popup.

Not many templates, but many objects to insert.

The goal is to create differents objects, organised in containers, for a better rendering.

Coding zone

Along the creation, for advanced users, the coding zone allows to directly modify the objects.

This edition requires a knowledge of the development languages, HTML, css, or javascript.

Adapt the Parameters

The last window presents a more digestible vision of modifying the characteristics of a window being created, for people who are not comfortable with development. The object parameters are organized and declined in labels, checkboxes, and drop-down lists, in order to facilitate creation.

A mix between the modification of the settings.js file and the last configuration window can also be made.

Capture the popup in order to use it

A special button allows to capture the popup, once finished.

Then, the popup is ready to use in the editor or the Workflow Designer.