Status: Draft

Manage Desktop Studio Settings

To manage Desktop Studio Settings, click on the in the Main Toolbar or select the File\Settings menu item in the Main window Menu Bar.

The Desktop Studio Settings dialog is displayed.
By selecting the corresponding tab, the following settings can be managed:

Edit SDK Files Lets you edit SDK files (internal use only)
SDK Path Lets you edit the Desktop SDK installation path
Tools Path Lets you edit the Desktop Tools installation path
Use Wiki Remote URL Use Wiki Remote URL instead of Wiki Local URL (see Studio Configuration)

The Explorer Perspective Settings enables to set the following options:

Appearance These settings concern the hilighting colors used by the Desktop Studio Recognition Process
Failed Item Color Color used to highlight wrongly recognized Items or Pages (Red by default)
Pointed Item Color Color used to highlight Pointed Items or Pages (Blue by default)
Recognized Item Color Color used to highlight recognized Items or Pages (Green by default)
Capture These settings concern the Page Capture operation
Max. Capture Height (px) Limit the height of the screen capture.
This can be useful for very high Web pages (with a lot of scrolling).
The DOM of the page is completely captured.

Appearance These settings enables to customize the Code Editor appearance
Current Line Background Set the brush used to fill the CurrentLine background
Current Line Highlighting enabled Enable/disable the current line highlithing
Delimiter Highlighting enabled Enable/disable matching delimiters highlighting
Delimiter Matching Background Set the brush used to highlight matching delimiters
Indentation Guides visible Display/hide the indentation guides
Indentation Size Set the indentation size (in chars)
Selection highlights Enable/disable the selection highlithing
Whitespace visible Hide/show the whitespace indicator
WordWrap Glyphs visible Hide/show the wordwrap indicator
IntelliPrompt These settings enables to customize the IntelliPrompt feature
Show QuickInfo description Hide/show the description part of the QuickInfo tooltip (see the QuickInfo)
Show QuickInfo tooltip Enable/disable automatic QuickInfo tooltip display (see the QuickInfo)
Margins These settings enables to customize the Code Editor margins
Show Items in Project Tree Hide/show the Page's Items in the Project Tree

Allow Run with Compil Errors Allows Projects to run despite compilation errors
Enable Advanced Compilation Enable/disable Javascript compilation in 'VERBOSE' mode
Enable Javascript Compilation Enable/disable Javascript compilation (see Project Compilation)
Enable XML Compilation Enable/disable XML Compilation (see Project Compilation).
Note that desabling XML Compilation deactivate Elements declaration completion
Use Javascript Debugger Activate/deactivate the Javascript Debugger (internal use only).
Note that deactivating Javascript Debugger prevents you from debugging Scripts
Use JScript9 Engine Use JScript9 Engine instead of IE engine (future use)
Break on Exception When code exception is fired during Project execution, break execution on the corresponding line, instead of executing OnError code
Debug Framework sources Enable/disable debugging Framework sources
Debug XML in ControlPane Debug XML code (V2 projects) in Control Pane (see Debugging and testing with the Control Pane)
Debug XML in Editor Debug XML code (V2 projects) in Editor Perspective (see Context tool window)
Ignore internal Exceptions Hide/show exceptions catched in Studio/Engine communication (internal use only)