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The Studio Integration Environment

When launched, the Desktop Studio opens the following Main Window.

This Window is composed of the following panels:

Desktop Studio Main view

The Menu Bar

The Menu bar

The Menu allows you to execute Studio commands (see Commands Reference)

The Toolbars

The Studio Integration Environment includes the following toolbars:

  • The Main Toolbar :
  • The Edition Toolbar :
  • The Navigation Toolbar :
  • The Debugger Toolbar :

These toolbars allow users to execute Studio commands quickly (see Commands Reference)

The Perspective Selector

The Perspective selector allows users to select one of the Desktop Studio perspectives:

The Status Bar

The Status bar displays information about the Code Editor that has the input focus.

  • Line (1) and Column (2) coordinates of the caret,
  • Offset (3) of the caret from the beginning of the edited document,
  • Length (4) of the current selection,
  • Current Inserting mode (5),
  • Current Encoding (6) of the edited document.