Status: Validated

Debug Offline with DebugSessions

Basically, a DebugSession is a set of trace lines shown in JSON format.
There is one line for each:

  • Event received by the Desktop Agent's Engine,
  • Framework action performed by the project's scripts,
  • Scenario / Step / Handler status change.

Additionally, it can include .png files corresponding to the screenshots captured during execution.

Debug Perspective

When a DebugSession is loaded into Desktop Studio, a new Debugger instance is launched in Embedded mode in a new “Debug Perspective” (1):

Save a DebugSession

The current DebugSession can be saved using the “File/Save DebugSession” menu item from the Debugger Main Menu.

The first time it is saved, Debugger asks for the file path and the name of the file to save the DebugSession in.
Debugger will then automatically save the complete DebugSession in this file when execution ends.

Use the Last DebugSession

When execution ends, Desktop Studio automatically keeps the last DebugSession in memory.
It can be opened using the “File/Open Last DebugSession” menu item from the Desktop Studio Main menu.

Load a DebugSession

A previously saved DebugSession can be loaded using the “File/Open DebugSession” menu item from the Desktop Studio Main menu.

The DebugSession can also be loaded by:

  • Double-clicking the corresponding file in Windows Explorer,
  • Dragging&dropping the file from Windows Explorer to the PSC Tree of Desktop Studio (see Desktop Studio User Guide).