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Declaration of Applications

The declaration of an application comprises the following:

  • Capturing the application,
  • Defining the criteria that allow the software to recognize this application,
  • Setting the application parameters.

  • To start: Launch the application (Web, Windows, and so on) to be managed by the project.
  • In the Project View, select the 'APPLICATIONS' node and the context menu 'Add xxx application…'
  • The following panel appears:

Panel for Windows application selection

  • Select the technology of the application to be declared.
    Depending on this technology, the list below shows all the running entities that can be chosen as application:
    • For Windows or UIAutomation technology, all the Windows EXE running on the desktop,
    • For WEB technology, the web pages loaded in all the IE instances running on the desktop,
    • For HLLAPI technology, all the HLLAPI sessions running on the desktop,
  • Select from this list the type of application to add. The screen of the selected application is shown in the panel below, so you can check that it is the right application,
  • If the application is not shown in the list, click on the button to refresh the list,
  • Validate the choice by selecting 'Select',
  • After selecting the application, return to the Explorer Perspective to specify the application parameters and criteria.

Application Captured Data Tool Window Application Captured Data Tool Window

The Captured Data Tool Window shows the properties of the application that can be used as criteria.

These properties were collected when the application was first captured.
If the application was captured with the Desktop Studio, this tool window will be empty.

The captured properties depend on the application's technology and on the connectors: only the properties used by the connector are captured correctly.

The Criteria Tool Window lets you edit the criteria of the application that will be used by the connector to recognize an application at runtime.

For a complete description of this tool window, see Criteria Management.

Application Parameters Tool Window

This tool window lets you set the application's parameters:

General Category
Name Name of the entity, used in scripts to monitor the application
Comment Description of the entity
Server Indicates whether the target application runs on a remote server (see …)
Techno SDK Indicates which SDK (V2 for legacy XML or V3 for Javascript) is used to develop the application
Driver Category
Parameters specific to the driver used to manage the application
Technical Category
Driver Name of the driver used to monitor the application (read-only)
Launch path Path used to launch the target application
Offlinepath Path where application captures are stored (read-only)
Technology Technology of the application (read-only)

A description of each parameter is available in the 'Help' panel.